Test Results

At Church Street Practice we carry out a wide range of investigations as part our patients care.

We offer blood tests throughout the day with our phlebotomists. We also carry out microbiology swabs, urine tests, ECGs, 24hr blood pressure monitoring, breathing tests, diabetes monitoring and many other primary care investigations.

We additionally have access to other community investigations which come to the Health Centre including ultrasound and audiology.

Blood tests
If your GP or nurse has asked you to have a blood test you can book the appointment at the desk or by phoning reception. The samples are collected by the Oxford University Hospitals twice a day. Those samples which are taken after the second collection are sent the following day. Unfortunately on a Friday we cannot take any bloods after the second collection at 3pm as they cannot be processed if stored over the weekend.

The results are sent electronically to the GP who requested them. They are checked each day by the doctor and commented on. If you have had bloods taken it is vital that you phone the surgery the following week to find out your results. Our receptionists will read the comments that your GP has made and if needed arrange a phone call or consultation for you to follow up on the tests

If you have been referred for an x-ray your GP will give you the form to take to the x-ray department. With this they will give you details of how to organise your x-ray. If you have lost these details you can download the pdf of the local x-ray services here.

The results from your x-ray are sent to us electronically and read and commented on by the GP when they arrive. We get your results within 2 weeks of you having your x-ray. It is important you chase up the result by this time if you have not heard anything. Our receptionist can then read you your GPs comments and arrange any appointments that are necessary.