Whether or not you’ve done a pregnancy test, you should speak to the practice as soon as you think you’re pregnant. Your pregnancy will be treated confidentially, even if you are under 16. When you find out you’re pregnant, you may feel happy and excited, or shocked, confused and upset. Everybody is different, and don’t worry if you’re not feeling as happy as you expected.

Maternity Care

Maternity care at Church Street is shared between the Doctors and Midwives and you will see both your own GP and named Midwife through your pregnancy to ensure optimum care. Download the guide to appointments below. How often you need check ups depends on whether you have been pregnant before or not. If you have other medical problems the Doctor may refer you to see a consultant during your pregnancy.

The Midwives are available for advice at any time and can be contacted at the Maternity Unit on 01865 904832 or in an emergency at Wantage Hospital on 01865 904 030.

Birthing Unit

We are lucky in Wantage to have a midwifery led birthing unit at Wantage Community Hospital. The midwives run Parentcraft and relaxation classes with the Health Visitors and are responsible for the care of mother and baby for the first ten days after delivery.

More Information

Have a look at the links from NHS choices below which covers all you need to know about becoming pregnant, being pregnant and life after pregnancy.