Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities need better help from doctors and others who look after our health.

To help you use our surgery, we at Church Street Practice promise to:

  • be friendly and welcome you
  • listen to you
  • talk to you
  • use words and pictures to help you understand
  • make our leaflets and information easy to read
  • give you enough time to say what you need
  • meet with you at times which are good for you

We have annual health checks.

We can help you with your Health Action Plan

You have your own named doctor who you can get to know

We hope you will say that:

  • My doctor gives me time to say what I need
  • is friendly and listens
  • knows I’m scared of needles
  • talks to me
  • explains about my tablets
  • uses pictures to help me to understand

Further Information: