At Church Street we offer a full range of confidential contraception services through the GPs and nursing team.

We can give advice on the different types of contraception available. These include contraceptive pills, injections, implants, coils and barrier methods. If you have had unprotected sex and need emergency contraception please ring the practice to speak to one of our GPs.

Injections are given by our practice nurses. Implants and coils can be fitted after an initial discussion with one of our nurses. We fit both coils and implants at the practice.

There is also a separate confidential service run by the Oxfordshire Family Planning Team. It has a walk in clinic upstairs at the Health Centre on Thursday evenings (4.30pm – 6.30pm).  Alternative clinics and more information can be found on the clinic’s website as follows:

Patients can leave messages on 01865 231231. As this service is confidential we as your GP’s will not get information about what contraception you are taking unless you tell us.

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Contraception help
If you would like to find out more about which contraception would suit you best, complete the Family Planning association contraception tool here below or download their guide to contraception here. If you would like to know more about a specific contraception there are further details on the FPA website via the link below.
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Emergency contraception
There are several ways to get free emergency contraception. In Oxfordshire you can get the morning after pill (to be used within 72hrs of unprotected sex) free from your GP, Family Planning Clinic or if you are under 18 from these pharmacies. If you are over 16 you can also buy it from most chemists.

There are other forms of emergency contraception if it has been more than 72hrs since unprotected sex click on the link below to read more.
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Sexual Health Oxfordshire
Remember that it is important to look after your sexual health. No contraception can protect you fully from picking up sexually transmitted infections.

If you have a new partner or perhaps you want to make sure you are OK come and speak to our nurses or GPs. At the practice we offer confidential chlamydia screening and can direct you to have a full sexual health screen in Oxford. Have a look at the Oxfordshire GUM website for further details or download their leaflet here.
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