Chronic Disease Reviews

Long-term illnesses are managed by the whole health care team – including GPs, nursing staff and healthcare assistants.

We encourage our patients to take an active role in helping to manage their own conditions, but it is helpful to come for a review once a year.

Most chronic illness require yearly reviews and are looked after by our nursing team. Some medications or conditions require yearly blood tests – it is helpful if you arrange to have these done before your review, to assist the GP or nurse in monitoring your progress. If you are on regular medications it is often necessary to have a check up before we can safely continue to prescribe your medications.

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Your annual asthma review is with your nurse to talk about your asthma. They will develop a personal plan with you to help control your symptoms better. Having annual checks improves asthma control, prevents serious attacks and improves your quality of life.

It is important you understand what asthma is, what to do if it gets worse and what happens at your annual review. To read more have a look at the great Asthma UK website and download their Asthma Action Plan.
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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
If you have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) you will need an annual check to review your medications and how your symptoms are in a similar way to the asthma check detailed above. You also need an annual spirometry test. This test measures the function of your lungs and can with identifying deteriorations in your condition and hence help us manage your symptoms better.

COPD is a common condition where smoking is the main cause. If you smoke we really will try to help you stop as this will significantly improve your symptoms and slow the deterioration in your lungs, however old you are. To read more about COPD have a look at the NHS Choices information below.
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Your diabetes review is with your nurse to talk about your diabetes and carry out important health checks. They will see you after you have had recent blood tests and develop a personal plan with you to help control your diabetes better. Once a year you need eye checks, foot checks, urine tests and appropriate blood tests.

Education plays a very important part in managing your condition and our nurses will help you understand your condition better. There are great resources on the Diabetes UK website. If you would like to learn more with other people with diabetes there are some fantastic education sessions in Oxfordshire click here to find out more.
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Heart health
If you have a high blood pressure, heart disease or heart failure it is important that we review your medications, your blood pressure and blood tests on a yearly basis. This appointment should be with one of our nurses.

At these appointments it also allows our nurses to discuss ways to decrease your risk further and provide answers to your questions about your cardiovascular problem. This may include help with weight loss, advice about exercise or stopping smoking. If you want to find out more about your condition have a look at the British Heart Foundation website which explains things clearly.
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