Travel Clinic

Download the Travel Risk Questionnaire

It is exciting going abroad whether it is for a holiday, a trip of a lifetime or for work. However it is important to know the health implications of your travel destination. You may need to update your immunisations or have new ones. Some countries need you to take malaria tablets or perhaps you are planning an adventure that you have specific health related questions about.

The Church Street Travel Clinic is run by our nursing team who check the details of your trip against your health immunisation record to give you appropriate and up to date advice. Some immunisations need to be given far in advance of your trip so it is important to know what you need.

The General Travel Advice leaflet will provide you with some useful information to help you to stay healthy on your trip. Please make sure you read it following on from your appointment with us. General Travel Advice leaflet.  Please have a look at the websites listed below and if needed fill in the travel risk questionnaire.

Apart from Hepatitis B all vaccinations are ordered on a named patient basis.

Do I have to pay for immunisations?

Many immunisations for travel are not covered by the NHS and will be charged for.  The current charges and more information can be found in the Fees and Charges Leaflet.

For further information, please visit these websites