Your GP will usually give you your first prescription which will have 2 parts. The GREEN slip is the actual prescription which you give to the pharmacist to obtain your medication. The WHITE side shows the list of drugs that you can order as repeat issues.

Ways to request a repeat prescription

There are several ways to request your repeat prescription detailed below. Please remember it takes three full working days from us receiving your request to getting your prescription to your chosen pharmacy.

A repeat prescription allows you to get supplies of your medication without having to see your GP. This will only be done once you are stable on a medication and it is agreed between you and your doctor that you need to take it for longer than a single course. It is not always appropriate to put or to continue a medicine on repeat prescription. This may occur if:

  • The medication is a short course of medicine for an acute problem, i.e. antibiotics for acute infections
  • Medications that are changing or we are adjusting the doses.
  • When a review is needed or overdue: your doctor may stop your medication if it is considered unsafe to prescribe before a clinical review is completed. This is to ensure that your medication is appropriate and at the right dose.
By Hand
At one of the local pharmacies
Urgent Requests
Electronic Prescribing