Medical Students

We are very enthusiastic about helping to teach and train future doctors. We want to give them a wide variety of experience of General Practice during their time with us. Hopefully many will choose to become the GP’s of the future but if they don’t we hope that their time at Church Street will influence how they practice medicine in the future and interact with patients.

We have one 5th year medical student for 5 weeks at a time. They are supervised by Dr Joshi or Dr Mackenzie but will spend time with all our primary care team including GPs, nurses, district nurses and health visitors. Over their first week they may be sitting in one of your consultations. When you book in at the desk the patient adviser will tell you there is a student in with the GP or nurse.

Once they have been with us for a week they see patients before one of our doctors. This is a vital part of their education and you will be helping them invaluably by agreeing to see them. After seeing the student you would then have a joint appointment with them and the GP. They are not allowed to prescribe medications.

We hugely value the role you play in helping us to educate the next generation of doctors, but we also recognise that sometimes you would rather not have a student present. If this is the case, please don’t worry. Simply inform the patient adviser if you would prefer to see the doctor or nurse alone.

Medical students are attached to the practice via the Department of Primary Care at Oxford University, which you can find more information about here.